Biographical ideas/ self-help for expats, parents, foreigners and introverts.
  1. My Life as an Outsider: From BSB's Biggest Fan to Self-Proclaimed Diplomat
  2. Frostbit: The Complete Review of Every Mackinac Island Fudge Ice Cream Ever Created
  3. Things That Feel Permanent But Don't Have To: My Life in Brazil
  4. How to Deal with Homesickness and Other Impossible Dreams
  5. Raising a Child in a Foreign Land
  6. Where is the Nearest Starbucks?From First World to the Third
  7. #FirstWorldProblems and Other Privileges
  8. "No" and Other Things I Will Never Learn to Say
  9. "Mom! Did you fart?" Embarrassing Things my Toddler Calls Me Out About in Public