Exercise - A How-To Guide

This one is going to be tricky folks. Much like the Duckbill Platypus and Donald Trump, science has yet to find a purpose or benefit to exercising. There is a school of thought which states the marvels of moving under your own power but I have yet to see any scientific backing. But I digress, here it is: exercise.
  1. Take Breaks
    It is an important part of a healthy exercise regime to take frequent breaks. You must ensure you have enough energy and sustenance to begin your exercise so make sure to eat enough during your workout.
  2. Drink Liquids
    While I prefer red wine, you could really drink any delicious beverage during your workout. Retaining liquids during a rigorous workout is extremely important and should be paired with your frequent breaks. The larger and more full your glass, the more of a workout you are getting.
  3. Get Outside
    If the weather permits, go outside and have fun! Don't worry about exercising, it is a beautiful day. Take your drinks on the patio and relax, you deserve it.
  4. Workout with a Friend
    Having a buddy around can really help motivate and inspire you to keep hydrated and ensure you are taking your proper breaks. You never know, maybe you will even inspire your friend to be as fit and fabulous as you are.
  5. Extracurricular Activities
    There are some activities you perform during the day that can count towards your exercise program. Did you get out of bed this morning? Well my friend, that was a sit-up. Great work! Did you go poop? Lowering yourself on the toilet was a deep squat. Keep it up pal! See, exercising is fun!
  6. Cool Down
    It is important once your workout is over to cool down to ensure your body will not cramp or reject exercise all together. This may come in the form of sitting still for a spell, or laying down. While the cool down may look different for each individual exerciser, it is one of the most important steps to a healthier you.