Glamour Shots - A How-To Guide

How to create the perfect glamour shot to include in any portfolio.
  1. The Flirty Jacket Shot
    Pop that collar and think about the time your neighbour stepped in dog shit. This will help get the creative juices flowing.
  2. The Seductive Stare
    To create this beautiful pose, stretch your neck out far and bulge your eyes ever so slightly. This pose is a little more advance but I believe in you.
  3. The Bad Girl
    Who doesn't like a bad girl? Bring your Grandma to the studio and let her go wild!
  4. Prop Shot
    This shot is absolute perfection. Please do not attempt to recreate.
  5. Perfect Wardrobe
    In order to choose the correct wardrobe for the shot, please take into consideration what type of facial hair will be present. Always ensure the wardrobe will not outshine the mutton chops.