Hair Styles - A How-To Guide

In order to feel your best you must put your best self forward. While we have already learned about makeup to make our faces look fantastic, let us now learn about hair. The secret success to a hair style is having a set theme and sticking with it for an uncomfortable amount of time.
  1. The Secret
    In the past this style would have been called a fro, but now it is called fierce! This ginger beauty is rocking an orange halo of curls and mystery. Could there be unicorns lurking around each curl? Or the carcass of a dead mouse? Only the fro knows.
  2. The Chewbacca
    This look is really making a comeback since the release of the new Star Wars. This Chewbacca inspired look is sure to wow all your friends and the lady at the drugstore. Really let the hairspray fly as you tease and torture your hair into this stunning masterpiece.
  3. Alien Blastoff
    This demure hairstyle is modelled off your encountered with some backdoor friendly aliens. The spaceship propulsion doubles as a wispy fringe, while the spaceship itself acts as a sun visor. This gorgeous 'do is perfect for outdoor funerals and your wedding day!
  4. The Napoleon
    This style is perfect for you vertically challenged hair enthusiasts and for those with strong arms. This ferocious style is sure to bring you the attention you desire at the movie theatre, the DMV, carnivals, and in the bedroom; meow. Now there is no need to wish away the corgi legs you were born with *cries*, gain height and confidence with this hair raising style.
  5. Mushroom Cloud
    This rarely pulled off style is modelled after a nuclear mushroom cloud and often has the same devastating effects for generations. This unique style is paired well with large, nauseating accessories. Be the envy of all your friends with this world changing style.
  6. The Waterfall
    This style is for the more adventurous and is not recommended for the novice hair groupie. The shorn top, followed by the smooth, flowing descent into the churning, frothy tangle of hair at the bottom which is making me frothy! I want to slide down that glorious mane and...this style has awoken feelings deep inside and you too can initiate these feelings in others with this sexy style.