Why use words when an emoji says so much more? In no particular order...
  1. 💩
    Because my husband sends it to me to make me smile. Yes, we are children.
  2. 😊
    Who doesn't love a smiley face. Plus it's the first emoji my mom ever sent me and I am still shocked she knows how to use emojis.
  3. ✈️
    Because I love to travel. Even if it's not by plane, you get the point with this emoji.
  4. 😡
    Because nothing conveys the frustration of a bad day better than that face.
  5. 🍷
    For obvious reasons.
  6. ❤️
    Because I ❤️a lot of things and people
  7. 😍
    This one is reserved for pictures of dogs (mostly my dogs) and my nieces or when my husband does something swoon-worthy...which could be something as simple as remembering to pick up toilet paper from the grocery store after I forgot to