Inspired by @dustinboone
  1. Art School
  2. Bottomless brunch
  3. Can I live?!
    frequently uttered
  4. Design
    what I do
  5. Emotions
    not my strong suit
  6. Fucking awesome
    not listed on resume
  7. Gluten
  8. Happiness
    the priority
  9. Idgaf
  10. Jam over jelly
    no question
  11. K
    comma O
  12. Laura
    my sister, pretty dope
  13. Marathons
    I run em
  14. N64
    race me in mario kart
  15. Oxford comma
    fan since 1993
  16. Pen-pals
    any takers?
  17. Quagmire
    excellent scrabble word
  18. Roadtrips
    live for them
  19. Smoothies
    I am queeeeeen
  20. Thankful
    to you for reading this nonsense
  21. Underwear
    I prefer thongs tbh
  22. Vegan
    four years strong
  23. Weed
    enhances creativity
  24. Xavier
    best friend's middle name, coolness of name matched by coolness of person
  25. Yams
    sweet potato's neglected cousin
  26. Zebra
    pattern on the snuggie my mom got me for christmas......