My sister got married this weekend to her best friend and everything was perfect.
  1. She never stopped smiling
    Open-mouth laughing smile from the moment the walked down the aisle.
  2. Their vows
    Perfectly simple and heartfelt. They're best friends.
  3. Seth whispering "I love you" to Laura through the ceremony
  4. The lovely dinosaur!
    Read by the best man, Scott, and the most accurate anecdote to capture the essence of L & S quirky perfectness together.
  5. The rain
    And thunder booming overhead while the bridal party remained perfectly sheltered by tree coverage.
  6. The rainbow
    Immediately following the ceremony, the skies cleared and a lovely happy rainbow appeared.
  7. The bridal party announcement and entrance to Wappy by Umphrey's McGhee
  9. The band
    THE MOTHERFUCKING BAND. JAMMED IT OUT. So much dancing. So much bouncing. So much happy.
  10. The speeches
    All four perfectly unique and special and touched on a different beautiful aspect of the love Laura and Seth share.
  11. But mine was definitely the best let's be honest.
  12. The drinks
    Holly and Annie tracked down the single salt shaker at the venue to maximize our tequila shot experience.
  13. The crowd
    The event would be nothing without the energy and love they brought to the occasion
  14. Laura bowing to the band
    And time they jammed out a song
  15. All of the happy love on the dance floor
  16. Annie's wine-filled-coconut
    Passed around the bus ride back to the hotel along with Parker's vape pen
  17. The weird spattering of people collected in our hotel room afterwards
  18. Getting kicked out by the staff and relocating to the benches/floor outside the lobby
    Where I smoked a j with Laura's friends and Uncle John (?)
  19. Waking up Sunday morning
    Still high on all the happy
  20. The soft smile on dad's face
    When I referred to his daughter as Mrs. Ream