Going-out-on-Friday-night edition. (I live in the 'burbs of NYC. Which means an hour on the train to or from. Longer if it's 2am and the last train home.)
  1. Oh yeah! That'll be perfect! I'll already be in the city anyway so what the hell!
  2. 6 o'clock happy hour? Meet ya there! 6:01 sharp
  3. *orders margarita*
  4. Damn, these are good.
  5. *queues second while finishing first*
  6. Friend: I have some friends meeting at xx at 10, come hang!
  7. Me: *shrug* I'm already out, can't say no to that!
  8. I mean how often do I get to go out in the city, anyway! I never get to see these people, mom will understand. I gotta carpe that noctum yanno?
  9. Man my parents rock.
  10. Maybe I'll check the train schedule on the way to the next stop so I can plan when to leave.
  11. Me: "Hey remind me to check the train schedule when we leave"
  12. *forgets to check schedule*
  13. Man, this city is great. I mean, look at these tree lights! Tree lights, I applaud your twinkling beauty.
  14. I'll drink to that!
  15. *continues guzzling alcohol*
  16. Oh, look at that it's 11pm! What train did I say I'd be on?
  17. ......
  18. Shit.
  19. Well...
  20. I could crash with a friend...
  21. Or I mean Grand Central isn't thaaaat far...
  22. *hustles to make train*
  23. *falls asleep on train*
  24. *wakes up two stops past station*
  25. ...............
  26. 3am Me: "........mom? can you pick me up?"