Things that make me happy! #happiness
  1. Good beer
    Having lived in Europe, I have learned about beer and what regions make them unique. A cold brew any time of day is a good thing:
  2. Crossfit
    When I first started it was about losing weight. It soon became more than that! It transformed the way I see myself, that I can handle heavy loads. That I am strong person. And the feeling of kick-ass when you beat your last weight. Feels awesome!
  3. Running
    My first marathon was emotional and amazing! Being able to run miles with my legs, it is an incredible feeling!
  4. Make-up
    Lipstick and mascara especially. I was never big on make-up until my 30's and I discovered that it is ok to like putting that on. The swipe of color on my lips makes me feel good.
  5. Traveling
    Discovering new places. Makes for a wonderful adventure and life enhancement.
  6. Good food
    Good that fills my soul and belly makes me very happy. Pasta, pizza, tacos and burgers. Being able to learn about other cultures as well through food is exciting!
  7. My kids
    They are my heart, my life and the best.