In an uber. Going to snapchat HQ. Straight from FaceTime.
  1. The first thing is I like how clean this is
  2. It looks like I have a character limit, but it's way more generous than twitter
  3. I wonder if I can tag people...
  4. Ok, back to obvious - looks like I can attach things with these little buttons
  5. The last 3 are clear (image, gif, location) - I wonder what the first one is.
  6. Let's try it
    What's a description?
  7. It's like another sub-layer of text. Hmm...
    Trying it again. The clear button should be a done button no? I want to press there to be done.
  8. Ok let's add a photo
    Can I add a photo AND a description?
  9. Yup!
  10. Ok how about a gif. I just get a blank screen. That's sad.
  11. Finally, location . Ok that interaction sucks.
  12. Trying if again
  13. Ok so what you type in the list is automatically your gif search. That's confusing. And not clear.
  14. Ok. I'm done. Now what. I guess I click next? But that also feels like maybe that will take me to the next item in my list?
  15. Because that's what the next button on the bottom right does... Hmm...