List requested by @cordeliane 🤗 right before I hit my teens these boys got scribbled in my notepad 💘
  1. Pharrell Williams
    First ever celebrity crush and he's still got it 🔥 I was a massive N.E.R.D fan to say the least...
  2. George
    When I was 5 years old I was the lead of our school play 'Emily the Emu'. On top of this they gave me the choice of picking the emu I'd fall in love with. I picked George. He gave me purple tulips and we went on a pizza date.
  3. Nick Jonas.
    I had a poster of his face the size of my bedroom door. The Jonas Brothers never toured Australia and the little em inside of me still has her fingers crossed.
  4. Your older brother
    If my friend had an older brother there was a 10/10 chance I had a crush on him. Surely I'm not the only one 🙋🏻
  5. Zac from Saved by the bell.
    I've only ever crushed on two blondes. Zac was the first and then there was Richard in High School.