I'm 1/3 of a sibling rock band that never happened. The Jonas Brothers stole our slot.
  1. Omg! You're a triplet?! What's it like?!
    Everyone says this expecting a grand or at least an exciting answer. "It's normal" is so anti-climax and I apologise but it's true. I'm the grinch who stole your magical triplet dreams.
  2. "2 girls...1 boy... so do you look alike?!"
    Firstly, impossible. Secondly, thankfully for my brother we do not. He would have gotten the short straw there.
  3. How old are your siblings?
    I always feel like a smart ass saying "same age as me" but I don't like to startle them with a straight out "I'm a triplet". I like to warm them up to the idea first.
  4. Can you read each others minds?
    If I want to mess with you the answer is: yes. If I'm bored the answer is: yes. If we are being honest the answer is: kinda.