A Few of my Favourite (Canadian) Things...

Canadian Listers where you at?! Inspired by @Boogie and her new bear hat.
  1. Poutiiiiine
    I grew up in a small town in BC and we've always had a food truck downtown that sells poutine. It's the ultimate drunk food and the ultimate hangover food and he ultimate guilty pleasure.
  2. Toques!
    A "beanie" in our minds is either a hat with the little spinning thing on top or a beanie baby.
  3. A Caesar made with Clamato
    In Vegas I asked for a Caesar and they brought me a salad. I was so confused. This is very similar to a Bloody Mary except for the Clamato. Clamato is a mixture of tomato juice and clam broth and it is delish. Caesars+Poutine=Canadian Hangover Cure.
  4. Ketchup Chips
  5. Spelling things with a "u"
    Favourite, colour, honour...
  6. Gallons vs Litres
    My first road trip to the states I was beyond confused. Also you guys have much cheaper gas.
  7. Peace out Pennies. 💸
    In 2012 the Royal Canadian Mint stopped making pennies and slowly we've stopped using them.
  8. "Loonies" and "Toonies"
    1$ coin and 2$ coin. So if you go to a Canadian strip club stock up on 5$ bills 🙃
  9. Double-Doubles at Tim's
    This is the lifeblood of Canada. A double double is a coffee with two creams and two sugars usually from a Tim Hortons drive through.
  10. Roll up the Rim
    Another Tim Hortons tradition involving rolling up the rim of your coffee cup to see if you've won a prize. This occurs once a year and prizes vary from free coffees or doughnuts to a new barbecue or even a new car.
  11. Free healthcare.
  12. Apologizing
    If someone bumps in to me I automatically will assume it was my fault for standing there. If someone steps on my foot, without any hesitation, I will say quickly say "sorry!" I really can't explain it.
  13. Eh?
    Again, I can't explain it. It's like this one little word can sum up so many sentences: "Don't you agree?" "What do you think?" "Did you hear me?" "Am I right?" "What did you say?"
  14. Fresh syrup at a Sugar Shack
    If you are ever in Quebec find a sugar shack and get some syrup! Bonus points if they roll the syrup on a popsicle stick in the snow!
  15. Nanaimo Bars
    wafer-crumb base, custard butter icing, melted chocolate 😍
    Suggested by   @nat_vv
  16. Timbits
    Our doughnut holes
    Suggested by   @nat_vv
  17. Niagara Falls, Canadian side!
    It's so beautiful 😄
    Suggested by   @rachelanne
  18. Rink Burgers!
    @solitarygigi eh! Or any food at the hockey rink concession stand really