Galentine's List to @sarahgorman

Giiiiiirl. You are a true OG. I went through your lists for hours, you've been doin this for a WHILE. I honestly haven't laughed this hard in a long time, keep up the good work!
  1. S is for: @sarahgorman this one is for you! Not Sarah Michelle Gellar or Sarah Silverman
    Dude, if your middle name really is Michelle I think you could make it work.
  2. A is for: All about the Throwbacks eh???
    Check out her lists on the Top Five Will Friedle roles or Disappointed Dad's of Disney Channel Movies.
  3. R is for: Reality TV
    @sarahgorman knows her reality TV hooooly smokes! I need to know your thoughts on this seasons Bachelor contestants!!! Also I agree RHONY is better than RHOBH, a lot of people disagree with me on that.
  4. A is for: Also anxiously awaiting the comeback of Michelle Branch, Mya, Monica, Brandy, Vanessa Carlton, and Ashlee Simpson.
    Pretty sure JoJo is making a comeback and Fergie slowwwly comin back as well.
  5. H is for: How could you not tell your dad that Judi Dench died in Skyfall? "James Bond is finally free!"
  6. G is for: Galaxy Quest
    One of @sarahgorman favourite movies (I love it as well) RIP Alan Rickman
  7. O is for: Opaque Couche 4ever.
    Keep rockin that jacket girl.
  8. R is for: Really needing to thank you for introducing me to the Pussy Posse. I want to hang out with them... is that bad?
  9. M is for: Making me laugh uncontrollably while I scrolled through your lists. "Joey Lawrence's Top Ten Instagrams" lol
  10. A is for: All about the throwbacks. I love it. So many Disney channel movie references and a few brief mentions of Delia's and the Candies ads!
  11. N is for: Never gonna get over the break up of Fiona Apple and PTA. An OTP indeed.
    Sew cute.
  12. Anyways, HAPPY GALENTINES DAY @sarahgorman you're hilarious and I hope you never stop making these amazing, nostalgic, and thought provoking lists. Keep up the good work!
  13. ALSO everybody who reads this, go check out her etsy page! Her prints and just as funny as her lists!