RISE UP! The Super Bowl with Canada's most passionate Falcons fans.

My boyfriends family has been falcon fans for over 30 years. No one even remembers why they started cheering for them, they don't know anyone from Atlanta and we live in British Columbia, Canada. I'm watching the Super Bowl with them today...
  1. Russian dolls, each is a different Falcons player (Matt Ryan is the biggest one, obvs)
  2. Falcons snack helmet, soon to be filled with snacks.
  3. He's not wearing shoulder pads it just looks like that.
  4. The shirt they got me for Christmas.
  5. RISE UP!
  6. Not pictured:
    The family dog is also wearing a jersey, there is a large sign in the family room stating: "Falcons Fan Cave. Where There's NO Off-Season" My boyfriends father is also wearing: Falcons pajama pants, Falcons socks, a Gonzalez jersey and a Falcons wristwatch. The Falcons BBQ cover and the Falcons lawn flag.