Shows That are Really Getting to Me Right Now (in a good way)

  1. You're The Worst finale
    Leaving Gretchen stranded while the Hollywood Bowl fireworks are going off in the background and Hammond Song by The Roches is playing. ugh 😪 I hated it and loved it.
  2. Skam season 3
    THIS SHOW IS AMAZING. INCREDIBLE. The way Isak's friends accept and support his homosexuality is so refreshing to see on a tv show. Not only that but they tackle the issue of his boyfriend also being manic depressive. Which all of these mature high schoolers also accept and support. Degrassi or any American high school series truly cannot even compare to this show it is so so so great.
  3. Taboo premiere
    It's so raw and Dickensian. Tom Hardy's character is presumed dead after going crazy in naval training and fleeing to Africa to work on a slave ship. But he comes back! To revenge the murder of his father and take back the indigenous land his father bought in Canada before the East India Company finds a way to snatch it up! I love it. Also Nootka Sound is an actual place in BC! So cool!!!