1. Binge watching The OA
    Brit Marling's newest show for Netflix. It's bizarre and amazing and very very LOST-y.
  2. Reading reddit threads about theories on The OA
    Quite a few little Easter eggs in there (again very LOST-y) One Reddit member mentions that multi-verse drama may be the next big genre and I totally agree (Stranger Things & Blake Crouch's Dark Matter...🙌)
  3. The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin
    I'm not actually "into" this that much. The story itself is a bit unrealistic but entertaining nonetheless. Also, it's going to be a movie next year with Idris Elba and Kate Winslet 🤔
  4. Following my old babysitters on GoodReads.
    I was babysat by three sisters who lived down the road from me and they're all on goodreads and they all requested to follow me last week and their reading lists are so good! (Random, I know)