1. The Bachelor
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    The guiltiest of all my guilty pleasures. I have honestly been watching this show since season 1. My dad and I started to make bachelor brackets, it's embarrassing but we don't care.
  2. Manchester by the Sea
    Every year there's one movie where the story it's able to tell can just blow me away. In terms of cinematic spectacle, yes La La Land was amazing. For creative filmmaking, Moonlight was phenomenal. But for the story that a film can create, Manchester by the Sea ripped my heart out.
  3. Podcasts!
    I haven't listened to podcasts in so long! But thanks to @lizabeth and @plaidflannel I've gotten back into them, in particular My Favorite Murder and Last Podcast on the Left. I'm not creepy I just like creepy stuff.
  4. Studying...WINE! 😏
    I'm taking an introductory Sommelier course next month and I'm sooo excited, but I've been reviewing so much that I feel guilty to read anything else for leisure right now.