1. High Maintenance
    Had to buy all the web episodes on iTunes...but so worth it.
  2. Saga
    Interesting little comic book series. The nerdy chick at the bookstore had a flip out when I bought it; "BEST thing since Sandman dude I swear." She's not wrong!
  3. You're The Worst
    Last season slowed down a lotttt. But this season has been 👌
  4. Arrival
    When I was standing in a rush line at TIFF for the people's choice film everyone was taking guesses at what it would be and so many people said Arrival (it was La La Land) but Arrival is just as amazing!
  5. Konmari'ing my life
    It's not going very well. EVERYTHING I own sparks some joy inside me. But I got rid of some stuff today so I'm making very slow progress.