Things that are getting me through life right now.

Sometimes, when ya least expect it—BOOM life just gets so shitty. I'm slowly dragging my soul out of a lifeshit bomb explosion right now and these are some things helping me.
  1. Crave TV
    I'm enjoying it more than Netflix lately 😕Specifically: old episodes of Sex and The City, South Park, and occasionally Frasier.
  2. My Favorite Murder Podcast
    I first heard about this podcast through List and I love it. Karen and Georgia are hilarious and their voices have soothed me to sleep many a night this past month. And hey, no matter how shitty life gets at least you're alive and not being killed, kidnapped, or raped 🤷‍♀️#ssdgm
  3. Books!
    Recently: "I Hear She's a Real Bitch" by Jen Agg and "A Prayer for Owen Meany" by John Irving both have been a solid 10/10
  4. Solo dance parties alone in my bedroom while listening to Spotify.
    Specifically: Boney M and Prince.
  5. "Dunkirk"
    I saw it last night and I already want to see it again.
  6. Instagram
    I hate it and I want to delete it again but sometimes a cat meme will actually make me laugh out loud and brighten my day, even for just a second.
  7. Watching movies on a projector in my best friends backyard.
    Yes, you have to wait until the sun sets completely (around 10 pm) yes, you'll get eaten alive by mosquitoes. But it's so worth it.