Random Things That I Can't Get Enough Of

  1. Floral still lives
  2. Mountains
    Pictures of them, hiking in them, driving by them, etc.
  3. Tea
  4. Mugs
  5. Socks
    All sorts
  6. Chapstick
  7. Unique postcards
    For sending and for decorating with
  8. Candles
  9. Giant sweaters
  10. Bralettes
  11. Gel manicures
    Probably my biggest guilty pleasure
  12. Sketchbooks/notebooks
  13. Jigsaw puzzles
  14. Throw blankets
  15. Taking off and landing in planes
    It always terrifies and excites me no matter how many times I experience it, and I have to look out the window.
  16. Sushi
  17. Hot tubs
  18. Museums
  19. Disposable cameras
  20. Thunderstorms
    The more severe the better, but soft ones are also very relaxing.
  21. The smell of hay
  22. Bubble bath
  23. Cicadas and katydids singing
  24. Dollywood
  25. Lists