I have seen quite a few really outrageous books since I started working at Barnes and Noble about a year ago. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I felt it was time I started to make one
  1. Static
    Perhaps I should include that I work at a Barnes and Noble in Tennessee. There is everything wrong with the cover of this book, and it took a large amount of discipline for me to put it on the shelf.
  2. Static
    Ah yes, print on demand titles. Someone requested that we have a "special copy" of Alice in Wonderland printed with THIS specific, super pixilated cover. I couldn't tell you why someone wanted this or how it's different from other copies of Alice in Wonderland except for the fact that the cover looks horrible and no one will ever buy it. We also can't send print on demand books back to a publisher, so this book (all 5 copies of it) is literally just going to sit on the shelf forever.
  3. Static
    So this is technically the back of a book. I don't know anything about the One Punch Man series, but who wouldn't see this and think, "what the actual hell?" I had to stop myself from laughing out loud when I saw this book while I was working.
  4. Static
    This book is called Selfish, and it is literally only selfies of Kim K. You can see how thick it is by referring to the copy sitting on the shelf behind the one I'm holding. Who else in this world could print a book that large consisting ONLY of selfies?
  5. Static
    This one speaks for itself.
  6. Static
    Gotta start teaching kids from a young age that Jesus was a white man.
  7. Static
    So really the entire romance section is a joke in my opinion. This book cover is not much different from its contemporaries, but this one was on display in some promotional location for a very long time. I walked by it a lot, and it was never not funny.