I've been many places and smelled beautiful things
  1. January: Split pea soup West Nyack, NY
    Every year my dad makes split pea soup on New Year's Day.
  2. February: Ginger punch, warmed Austin, TX
    Also smelled some nice dusty outdoors, but the best smell was from inside an old, hot dancehall with a strong house punch warming at the bar all night.
  3. March: Pineapple Cambridge, MA
    I ate a whole pineapple for my birthday and smelled like it for days
  4. April: Jasmine Los Angeles, CA
    Lucky la bastards smelling this every spring time.
  5. May: Lilacs Arnold Arboretum, MA
    Stuck my face in a 200 year old lilac tree.
  6. June (1): Roses Portland, OR
    Spent every morning in a rose garden. The sports teams have rose emblems. I felt very lucky to be in such a place.
  7. June (2): Spring smells in June Cambridge, MA
    Spring was late and these June evenings have been long and magical. I feel very lucky to live in such a place.