1. This is the most quotable movie I've ever seen.
  2. I hope I find a love like Clementine's and Joel's.
    The entirety of the movie is based around their constant search, recognition, rejection, and acceptance of each other. Despite their respective issues, their instinct is to be with one another.
  3. I hope I never find a love like Clementine's and Joel's.
    The strength of their love is something to strive for. I do not believe the toxicity of their relationship and control they have over one another is something I aspire to have.
  4. The symbolism of the imperfection of the mind altering science against human love.
    This sounds so cliché it makes me a cringe a little. However, I appreciated how science didn't triumph in this particular film. I'm not a hopeless romantic by any means, but it's nice to be reminded of the power of human interaction and connection.
  5. There were no explicit sex scenes.
    I personally have nothing against sex or displaying it but it was refreshing to focus only on their intellectual and emotional connection.
  6. I wish I had Clementine's sense of self.
    She is unwavering in who she is. She is unapologetic in her feelings, how she expresses herself, and how she sees the world.