1. This idiot family that hasn't thought to use their phone data while their internet is down.
    I say this as a fairly Internet-addicted person: these people need hobbies.
  2. The University of Phoenix commercial narrated with the Maya Angelou poem
    But not the iPhone commercial narrated with the Maya Angelou poem
  3. That Nationwide commercial with Brad Paisley
    And the one with the girl whose name I don't know, where she sings that it's okay to keep the kitten cause they have insurance???
  4. The Chevy commercial where the cars keep rising out of the ground and the focus group people are SO surprised
  5. The commercial for the Rogue One preview they're doing tomorrow night where they combine Olympic footage with Rogue One footage and it doesn't really make sense
  6. The Omega watch commercial that takes watches way too seriously
  7. That Citi commercial where they try to claim they're sponsoring the Olympics for some reason other than to plaster their name all over primetime for two weeks.
  8. Swimming semi-finals
    Oh, are these not commercials? I don't care, I'm suuuuuuper sick of them.
  9. I was gonna object to the fact that there was one commercial about Missy Franklin road tripping to Rio and another where she takes United, but then tonight I saw a commercial where she's having a crappy time on the road trip so she books a United flight and frankly I'm impressed.
    Even if no one would ever actually make it to Rio on time flying United.