This summer I'm hitting the beach! Travel is one of my favorite things and I'm pretty lucky to say I'll be traveling to the Maldives this summer! Can't wait to share my list of things I do there!
  1. Bikinis on bikinis on bikinis
    You can never have too many!
  2. A good book
    I've currently been really into self-help books me the book I'll be bringing and reading on the beach is called : "When people are Big and God is Small"
  3. MUSIC
    What's tanning on the beach without your favorite jams?
  4. Sunglasses
    Protect those eyes
  5. Sunscreen!
    No one wants skin cancer
  6. Beach coverup
    I'm lazy. I don't change out of my swimsuit to go to a restaurant?!
  7. A hat!
    I can't put sunscreen on my scalp sooo.....
  8. Camera/GoPro
    As you'll see as I continue to post, I'm big of documenting all my travels and adventures!