I've never posted a list before. I'm nervous and excited and ready and, oh my gosh, here we go!
  1. Giving the perfect gift
  2. Knowing what percentage a movie has on Rotten Tomatoes
    I freaking love Rotten Tomatoes.
  3. Painting
    My true love.
  4. Feeling deeply
    Every emotion I have is felt to my core.
  5. Listening
  6. Taking care of children
    Nanny probs.
  7. Knowing what colors look good with other colors
    Artist probs.
  8. Overreacting
  9. Braiding hair
  10. Antiquing
    Ugh. I love anything old and unique.
  11. Sleeping
  12. Being sentimental
    Probably too much so.
  13. Making others feel special and loved
  14. Ranting
    I love a good rant.
  15. Straight Chillin'
    I can chill so hard.