1. This summer has not gone well
  2. In May, I basically exploded my life in an attempt to live my dreams
  3. I had a beautiful apartment
  4. With my best friend in the whole world
  5. In an incredible city
  6. But I was unhappy for some reason
  7. I was not doing what I believe I was born to do
  8. I was not living where I have always longed to live
  9. So, I quit my job
  10. Said goodbye to the people I love
  11. And moved back in with my parents for the summer
  12. It was only supposed to be for the summer
  13. I was supposed to save all of this money for my big move to a new city
  14. I was supposed to get an amazing job in the new city
  15. But now it's August
  16. I have only saved $250
  17. I found out today that I did not get the amazing job in the city I love
  18. I only have one week left of my summer job
  19. Fall is coming
  20. All of my sweaters are in storage