sorry for misspellings and missing accents
  1. L'huile
  2. Des oeufs
    Eggs. It's mostly food.
  3. Haricots vert
    Green beans, but they sound like royalty
  4. Doit
    Must. Not really pretty, but it looks like 'do it.'
  5. Botte
    Boot, but twice as cute
  6. Araignee
  7. Poches
    Pockets. Also cute.
  8. Lesquelles
  9. Chariot
    Shopping cart
  10. J'engage mon fidelity au drapau Des Etates Unis d'Amerique et a la republique qu'il represents un nation seu Deux, indivisible, avec liberte et justice pour tous.
    The American pledge of allegiance, which is the stupidest and most comprehensive thing I know in French.