I'm not the biggest fan of Batman and may get something from his 70 year canon wrong. Calm down. Also, I'm only about 60% serious
  1. Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy of Gotham, spends a lot of time and energy trying to make his city a better place - in the most expensive and ineffectual way possible. Here are my suggestions on how his resources could be better spent.
  2. Become involved in local politics
    Worried about corrupt government officials? Change the system from the inside, rather than relying on 'two faced' politicians. With Bruce Wayne's funds and good name, he could easily make a run at city council
  3. Donate to/volunteer at a local soup kitchen
    Or really any charity. Batman can beat up two muggers in a half hour.... or give a warm meal to a dozen needy Gothamites in the same amount of time.
  4. Hire some more staff
    You have a giant mansion, unlimited funds, but only employ one elderly man? Help your local economy by hiring more people to run Wayne manor.
  5. Address the clear structural issues of your mansion
    Wayne manor is built on a giant cavern.... that can't be structurally sound.
  6. Treat your partner to a romantic night out
    Catwoman? Robin? Alfred? I don't care who, but Bruce can't pamper his special someone when he's beating people up on a Friday night
  7. Travel
    Face it, Gotham kind of sucks. Leave.
  8. Therapy look
    You're parents were killed and now you fight crime in a cape every night? Find some help. Please.