TV I Watched With My Parents Growing Up

  1. Matlock
    Mom used to binge watch Matlock before binge-watching was a thing.
  2. The Twilight Zone
    More accurately, they used to watch it late at night and I would sneak into the room and hide behind the couch and then get freaked out because LIFE.
  3. Everybody Love's Raymond
    They own the entire series on a really nice DVD box set. Sometimes I question their choices.
  4. Forensic Files
    They are still obsessed with this show to this day. I have never been more bored by a television program.
  5. Walker Texas Ranger
    Self explanatory.
  6. Little House on the Prairie.
    Mom still loves this show to this day. She's read all the books and I'm pretty sure she wanted to be Laura Ingalls growing up.