tv shows I love

To be updated accordingly.
  1. The Following
    There's a scene in the first season where Fever Ray's If I Had A Heart plays and that was the moment I knew I would watch the whole damn show down to the last second.
  2. In The Flesh
    Gay British zombies.
  3. My Mad Fat Diary
    *heart emoji*
  4. Vikings
    Has any show in the world ever been as beautiful as Vikings? Nah.
  5. The Borgias
    Not to be confused with Borgia, (which is also very good, but didn't catch my attention enough to hold it to the end) this show is on another level of...something.
  6. The 100
    Ok, maybe controversial in light of recent bullshit, however- the second half of the first season and the entire second season were golden.
  7. Parenthood
    Not a recent one for me, BUT. BUT. One of my favorite shows ever. It doesn't get any better than Mae Whitman, Lauren Graham and a big ol family.
  8. Friday Night Lights
    Another oldie. Another one of my favorite shows. I don't even have the words to describe my love for this show.
  9. Gilmore Girls
    My favorite show.
  10. The Walking Dead
    I don't care what anyone says, the best character development on television comes out of this show.
  11. Sons of Anarchy
    A lot of bad can be said about this show but it holds a special place in my heart. The scene in season 3 where Jax is in the market in Ireland and he sees Abel and Alesund plays? Branded behind my eyelids.
  12. Graceland