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I'll be visiting #Athens Aug 1-4 and need help knowing what to do while I'm there.
  1. Visit the Acropolis
  2. Eat Greek food
I work for a congressional campaign. My boss is 1 of 8 candidates in the race and has a legitimate chance of getting past the primary, polling in 2nd with a slight advantage over the candidate in 3rd, who has a significant advantage in name recognition and fundraising.
  1. I work for an ego maniac
    I've met enough people in office on the campaign trail to know that it takes a specific personality type to even want to run for office. All politicians, even the ones I love, are actors playing a part. While my boss truly does believe in the issues he claims to be passionate about, he's still an egotistical @$$hole.
  2. I work more hours than I'm getting paid for
    Even "part time" staffers such as myself are getting paid salary. That means I can't just log my hours and get paid for the hours I'm putting in. I get paid a predetermined amount regardless of how many more hours I'm actually working
  3. I have no more self esteem
    I get chewed out every day for things beyond my control. Even though I could look at things objectively and know I'm doing my job very well, the abuse takes its toll.
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because baristas can be snobs and even we had to learn at some point. Just the basics, I'll refrain from details such as "traditional...," but I'll note Starbucks lingo where applicable as a public service.
  1. Americano
    Espresso and water. Because many Americans who visited Europe couldn't handle straight espresso, so they had to add to water it down to make it more like brewed coffee.
  2. Au lait
    Not espresso based. Half brewed coffee, half steamed milk, a layer of foam on top. Dry means more foam. Flat means no foam. Known at Starbucks as a "misto;" always surprises me how many of their baristas don't know what an lait is.
  3. Breve
    Espresso and half and half
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and I tend to do what she she tells me. Also so you know I didn't follow you at random 😁
Guilty pleasures. Because what better way to introduce myself to the List App word
  1. We Bare Bears
    If you watch it, you'd wonder why I feel guilty.
  2. Girl Meets World
    At my age, this may borderline creepy. But it's innocent like the show. That's why I love it
  3. Hondas
    Not to perpetuate the Asian stereotype but...
  4. WWE
    I grew out of it in my 20s. Somehow fell back in in my 30s.