I work for a congressional campaign. My boss is 1 of 8 candidates in the race and has a legitimate chance of getting past the primary, polling in 2nd with a slight advantage over the candidate in 3rd, who has a significant advantage in name recognition and fundraising.
  1. I work for an ego maniac
    I've met enough people in office on the campaign trail to know that it takes a specific personality type to even want to run for office. All politicians, even the ones I love, are actors playing a part. While my boss truly does believe in the issues he claims to be passionate about, he's still an egotistical @$$hole.
  2. I work more hours than I'm getting paid for
    Even "part time" staffers such as myself are getting paid salary. That means I can't just log my hours and get paid for the hours I'm putting in. I get paid a predetermined amount regardless of how many more hours I'm actually working
  3. I have no more self esteem
    I get chewed out every day for things beyond my control. Even though I could look at things objectively and know I'm doing my job very well, the abuse takes its toll.
  4. I've gained the "campaign 20" in the form of a beer belly
    It's bad enough that I've had more pizza and donuts on the campaign than I've had the past 3 years combined; but I've also resorted to drinking as a means to keep sane.
  5. My resume will look effing awesome
    Especially if we can make it past the primary, "deputy campaign manager" on my resume when I get back to the real world will look fantastic