kid power tropes include: huffy bike gangs, adults who dont get it, one adult who gets it, macguyver-style ingenuity, spray paint as a weapon, spray paint as a title treatment, face masks, trenchcoat as a disguise, dance scenes, inspirational montages, punk rock, grrl power, breakdancing, pirate radio, pirates, orphans, transformative makeovers...
  1. times square (1980)
    two teenage girls bust out of bellevue, fall in love/become besties, squat on the east river, and start a teen riot. ends in tears 💔
  2. over the edge (1979)
    lil savages ridin' around the burbs on huffys bein' bad
  3. ladies and gentleman, the fabulous stains (1982)
    lil thots startin' a punk band and clappin' back at the patriarchy
  4. the chocolate war (1988)
    based on the YA novel by robert cormier. conformity sucks. soundtrack by yaz 💙
  5. pump up the volume (1990)
    loungey leonard cohen ftw
  6. footloose (1984)
    iconic because gymnastics
  7. the legend of billie jean (1985)
    my fave scene is the one where billie jean inspired by jean seberg joan of arc so she shaves her head and walks out to the pool wearing assymetrical earrings and a ripped up neoprene scuba top
  8. oliver! (1968)
    broadway musical version of season 4 of the wire. with a twist! 😎
  9. girls just want to have fun (1985)
    "Do you really think I'm punk? That's outrageous! I mean, it's not as cool as new wave, but it's a lot better than pre-teen."
  10. The Goonies
    Parents can't pay the mortgage? No problem! A ragtag group of kids will go and follow a random map found in an attic and discover a pirate treasure that saves everyone's homes! This is THE classic Kid Power movie.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  11. ET
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  12. West Side Story
    Suggested by @sharris