pics or it didnt happen
  1. fringe, fendi poms, fuschia fur trim kicks. this list could start and stop right here but...
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  2. thug's pom game is next level
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    video director be el be says lagerfeld approves. end of story.
  3. yas queen!
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  4. baller alert
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    when your airport style involves a wheelchair escort, a leopard print inflatable and a box of nilla wafers.
  5. headwrap "on fleek"
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  6. head to toe pale pink vinyl: you are my power animal
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  7. too much look for the back of a lincoln towncar or nah
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  8. j'adore a pastel-multi trainer
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  9. grey hair/don't care
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  10. white denim overall shorts got me like...
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  11. courtside flawless 🎯
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  12. back to school
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  13. 👑👳🏾👑
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  14. too much matchy matchy or not enough
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  15. generally i'm not into jesus sandals and fur, but thug makes it work
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  16. y b normal
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  17. classic.
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  18. couples casual. this gives me feelings❤️
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