pics or it didnt happen
  1. fringe, fendi poms, fuschia fur trim kicks. this list could start and stop right here but...
  2. thug's pom game is next level
    video director be el be says lagerfeld approves. end of story.
  3. yas queen!
  4. baller alert
    when your airport style involves a wheelchair escort, a leopard print inflatable and a box of nilla wafers.
  5. headwrap "on fleek"
  6. head to toe pale pink vinyl: you are my power animal
  7. too much look for the back of a lincoln towncar or nah
  8. j'adore a pastel-multi trainer
  9. grey hair/don't care
  10. white denim overall shorts got me like...
  11. courtside flawless 🎯
  12. back to school
  13. 👑👳🏾👑
  14. too much matchy matchy or not enough
  15. generally i'm not into jesus sandals and fur, but thug makes it work
  16. y b normal
  17. classic.
  18. couples casual. this gives me feelings❤️