Last 4 Photos On My Camera Roll, Captioned

And so, my first list. :)
  1. The Agony of the Unemployed
    Lacking purpose, lacking income, lacking the validation of exchanging work for pay; I look sadly at the blue notice and wonder: "Do I have what it takes to work at THE Old Navy?"
  2. Shantae, my Muse
    Purple hair, cascading waterfall passing down over face of innocent joy, juxtaposed with Eastern garments rent by the sexist masses of Nintendo fanboys. Seafarer, wanderer; from one island hell to the other you glide as a fairy to the beleaguered out croppings of the sick, and the old. How many points will you spare for the weak? How many must fall for the new God?
  3. Negative
    Inverted, out of touch, the boy's ghostly face stares out from his perforated box. Light drawn in the shutter, trapped like a moth, and held down until suffocation in a 35mm cel. 1 of 24 inmates. The moment, the boy, the scene, shut away behind bars of light canister; only to be resurrected, returned to life under the wings of Blix, stop bath, and fixer. Click, snap, flash; all pass under the lens; inmates of a cruel artist, ghosts of the world.
  4. The Messengar
    Dragonite, forever you fly above, showering messages down from heaven. Born under masters never to be overthrown, content in your sacred duty you soar above the world and care not of design. You fly, and fall, and toil to deliver the words of empires fallen, queens beheaded. You know not, you worry not. Your friends, merely the temporary bodies of paper and postage rustling in your pack. No strife, no hate. Only the warmth of customary smiles and love in a job well done. Rest easy.