One pick per record as debated by Meg and Alex over brunch. We agreed on 7 out of 10 records.
  1. The Blue Album (1994) // Holiday
    Track 9. The sleeper hit of the album, often overlooked after a big single and a before a huge closer.
  2. Pinkerton (1996) // Falling for You; Across the Sea
    Tracks 9 and 5. Alex: Falling for You is the most musically complex Weezer song where he ironically disparages his own talent; Meg: so many emotions tied to this song, plus the last part of the song starting with "goddamn" gets me every time both musically and lyrically.
  3. The Green Album (2001) // Photograph
    Track 2. Perfect pop song. A+ clapping.
  4. Maladroit (2002) // Fall Together
    Track 10. It's very fun to play. Editors note: Meg deferred to Alex for this choice, pointing out her vote for Keep Fishing was solely due to The Muppets.
  5. Make Believe (2005) // The Other Way
    Track 10. Alex: my choice is The Other Way and yours should be too.
  6. The Red Album (2008) // Miss Sweeney
    Track 11 and technically a bonus track. It would be even better if the verses weren't so weird. Great for that workplace romance you are not so secretly hiding.
  7. Raditude (2009) // (If Your Wondering if I Want You To) I Want You To
    Track 1. Talk about blowing your load on the first track of the record. A standout song on a mediocre album. Bonus: the version they did with Sarah Bareilles is stellar.
  8. Hurley (2010) // Unspoken
    Track 4. The most unique on the record with a good build up to the final chorus.
  9. Everything Will Be Alright in The End (2014) // Eulogy For a Rock Band; I've Had it Up To Here
    Tracks 3 and 5. Meg: Eulogy just seems so sincere and has the older sound from their first albums. Alex: I've Had it... Has the best vocal performance since Pinkerton.
  10. The White Album (2016) // California Kids; LA Girlz
    Tracks 1 and 8. Meg: California is a great lead off for the record with a fantastically summery sing a long chorus that epitomizes the Weezer sound; Alex: LA best single since Island in the Sun. They should write more songs in 3/4.