Famous people I've been told I look like

What do you think? Should I add anyone to this list?
  1. For the record: this is me
    I'm dolled up for a wedding but aside from some lipstick, that's more or less what I look like on a daily basis.
  2. Hazel Hayes (YouTuber)
    This is the one I get. I actually do think we look alike.
  3. Ingrid Bergman
    This was more common when I was younger and had a rounder face and darker, curlier hair. I guess I get it. I mean it's a huge compliment either way.
  4. Chuck from Pushing Dasies
    I had this exact haircut and this is my natural hair colour. So yeah, I guess I get it. Also no one knows her real name. I'm just told by Ramon Starbucks baristas, "Did you know that you look like Chuck from Pushing Daises?" Always baristas.
  5. Sarah Chalke
    I don't see it??? But this is the one I get most frequently these days... Like someone told me this yesterday. Went for the HIMYM reference, which was also strange...
  6. Lucy Punch
    Really???? Is it the bangs and blue eyes? I'm confused. I really don't see it at all???
  7. Alexis Krauss
    When my hair was still dark and before she started dying hers black, I got this one a lot, too.