The Sitcom Version of My Life

If my life were a sitcom, this is the cast of my friends.
  1. Meg is Hazel Hayes
    (Irish YouTuber)
  2. Alex is JGL
  3. Bear is Emily Deschanel
  4. Vicious is Noomi Rapace
  5. Joey is Jay Baruchel
  6. Matty P is James Roday
  7. Pat is Stephen Rannazzisi
  8. Brittany is Gillian Jacobs
  9. Kate is Amy Schumer
  10. Brian is Tom Ridgewell/Clark Gregg
  11. Matt Tracy is Jason Mewes
  12. Jenny is Lena Dunham
  13. Kate Murtaugh Reese Witherspoon
  14. Grant Beeman is Colin Meloy
  15. Danny is Adam Devine
  16. Dad is Bryan Dennehy
  17. Avri is Ben Schwartz
  18. Mark Schieron is Mark Hoppus