Things that happened when I reported to Jury Duty ⚖

  1. I got hit on at 8:30am.
    The guy was very straight forward. Called me beautiful, asked me what I was doing after Jury Duty, asked me to coffee, asked for my phone number, and when I declined, passed me his. I ended up looking him up on FB later—all pro gun, anti-gay, pro-trump posts. Now personally offended he hit on me.
  2. A guy in a Trump shirt acts like a privileged child when told he cannot yet leave the room.
    Guy later opened his mouth and had a very thick accent. Suddenly very confused. Do you not realize you, yourself are an immigrant, sir??
  3. Different guy says I look like Sarah Chalke.
    Seriously, I know we are bored in here but this is ridiculous. Stay classy [redacted] County.
  4. I got picked as a prospective juror.
  5. I was the ONLY person that was asked if in this case (criminal harassment) would I be more sympathetic to the witness because she's a woman.
    I was about the 45th person interviewed. Why was I the only one asked this? What about me prompted that question (no, I wasn't wearing a Fuck the Patriarchy shirt or anything)
  6. I answered that a person's gender doesn't make someone more or less trustworthy, but that being said, as a woman I will always believe a victim if they say they are harassed—regardless of the victim's gender.
  7. I got dismissed as a prospective juror.
  8. But I love procedurals. I would love to be on a jury.