Top 6 TV Shows

@arrex asked what my top 6 TV shows would be if I had to list them for a Family Feud type scenario.
  1. Gilmore Girls
    My go-to show. I've rewatched more times than I can count. If I'm feeling down, this is what I put on.
  2. Leverage
    It's like 77 episodes of nothing but pulp-style heists. Of course I love it. Also becoming a go-to show for rewatchability.
  3. Parks & Recreation
    If there is a more perfect show out there, I'll give it a high five. Amazing characters, great storylines, and bowed out with style.
  4. The Adventures of Pete & Pete
    Just go watch it again. It could me made now, it stands up so well. Also, bonus points for the multitude of cameos.
  5. Community
    Yes, it had its rough patches but when you step back and look at the full arc it's amazing. I never expected to cry at the end, but I did.
  6. Futurama
    I've always been more of a Futurama fan than Simpsons (an ongoing debate between me and husband). When Futurama doesn't pull its punches you find yourself in tears, but it's also endlessly quotable and funny and perfect.