I'm not talking about lotto winning levels here, this is the list of things I'd work into my budget if I was, say, making twice as much as I am now
  1. Expensive makeup
    I won a $75 Sephora gift card last year and took a friend with me as a guide to make my first purchases. I left with a Naked 2 eyeshadow palette, urban decay eyelid primer, and Stila Kat Von D eyeliner. I still use all of these products and have re-purchased the eyeliner twice. I'd love to go to town buying expensive foundation and and lots of primers and setting sprays but for NOW I have to get by with a few treasures here and there.
  2. Eyelash extensions
    My friend Amanda has these and literally every snapchat she sends I'm like unable to focus on the content because she has these gorgeous totally natural looking lashes that are stealing the show. I would get down with some semi-perma-falsies!
  3. HBO
    I realize this isn't ~extravagant~ but I really can't justify the expense right now when this perk is just oh-so-moochable. Thanks mom and dad!
  4. Therapy
    I hate that this would have to be an indulgence, but I don't feel like I'm in enough of a crisis state mental health-wise to justify a weekly or monthly expense, but damn if it wouldn't be nice to just talk it out you know?
  5. Fresh flowers for my house
  6. Getting my car detailed on a regular basis
    Aka professional French fry removal service
  7. Soda fountain
    This seems like a bit much, but if I had Diet Coke on tap I think I would be next-level happy
  8. Haircuts
    (More often)
  9. LASIK
    All caps because it's probably an acronym but also because it would be VERY important
  10. Tailoring
    Apparently this is the big secret to how celebrities look so great in their clothes, they're all tailor made for their bodies! I'm a tall person with a pretty wide waist-to-hip ratio which means pencil skirts that fit snug around my waste are impossible to get over my hips and basically all pants are too short. I think I could really be living my best life in (mostly) the wardrobe I have now if all my clothes just fit like they are supposed to!
  11. Charity
    I try to give to causes throughout the year as they present themselves, but I'm currently not giving on a regular basis to any one organization. I like to think that if I had more disposable income that this would be one of my top priorities.
  12. What would YOU spend your extra $ on?