This list is 5 figurative stones to carry on to the next generation proposed by Pastor Seth Yelorda. In the book of Joshua ch 4 the Israelites had just crossed the Jordan River. Joshua was instructed to take 12 stones from the midst of the river to set up as a monument/memorial of what God had done for the Israelites by parting the river.
  1. God will always love you
    God is love, so His love never changes. He does not love us more when we do good or love us less when we do wrong. 1 John 4
  2. God will always be in control
    God is taking care of us. We don't need to worry about the present or the future. If God cares for vegetation and animals, how much more will He take care of us? Matthew 6
  3. God will always be for you
    If God is on our side, who can touch us? Romans 8
  4. God will always be faithful
    Need I say more? Not really... 2 Timothy 2
  5. God will always forgive
    No matter what we do, we just need to ask for forgiveness 1 John 1