Thoughts when yourself or someone you know is facing health issues or injury or death
  1. The value of time
    How you spend your time may change drastically if you or a loved one is on "borrowed time"
  2. Being present
    It is not always in the words spoken or how long you're there or exactly what you're doing but that feeling you have
  3. Family
    Love them or hate them or define them however you may
  4. Friendship
    You can begin to see the value that you hold in that person's life and vice versa when dealing with loss of function or loss of life.
  5. Experiences
    This may be traveling or just being outside at the park or the beach. It could be attending special events, I think the key here is "meaning/meaningful"
  6. Almost anything other than work
    You may be in a career you enjoy but the truth is we work to survive. Often we prioritize work above the other things in this list because we feel we need to in order to survive or to be able to engage in the other items
  7. Independence
    This can show itself in many ways but the truth of the matter is, if you lose it, it may truly change your perspective on what is important. Whether facing loss of function or independence during your journey or watching someone else, it can be a struggle. We don't understand how much we identify with what we are able to do for ourselves.