Why I Love My Dog

In photos a tribute to my darling Meeko, Alaskan Klee Kai extraordinaire
  1. As a puppy how much cuter can you get? I mean he's basically a wolf/fox/raccoon/panda cub-pup thing
  2. Super handsome face/mask and pretty much you get that husky look without the husky size
  3. He's content under the couch and loves to just hang out
  4. He's a weirdo, like me
  5. Did I mention he's strange?
  6. He's loving and really just loves to be around us
  7. Oh and did I mention his fondness for chilling under the couch? I feel like I did...
  8. His excitement over the simple things in life. He really doesn't ask for much
  9. How he's a boss
  10. That he's pretty much drunk in love with our family
  11. He likes to rest in odd positions, also like me
  12. He has such a deep soulfulness to him...that or he's a sport when I mess around with him
  13. That he's truly happy to be with us, but loves being outside and running free