1. Enrolled in Spanish 101 so I could understand the lyrics of Christina Aguilera's Latin album.
  2. Sprained my ankle at a trampoline gym.
  3. Purchased duplicates of @mindy's books because I couldn't bear to crack the spines on my autographed copies.
  4. Stayed in a youth hostel in Hollywood by myself.
  5. Everything I've ever done with @shannon7z. (Who doesn't have an account here yet, but I assume that will be her username.)
  6. Watched Twilight: Eclipse in a movie theater in Lisbon, Portugal.
  7. Requested a photo with Kendra Wilkinson of Playboy/E! Network fame.
  8. Thought more favorably of someone after they've paid me a compliment.
  9. Participated in a conversation about the Kardashian family lasting more than 10 minutes on multiple occasions.
  10. Drank McCafe coffee in France.
  11. Compiled this list.