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These songs are one of the top listers on charts. I would rate them base on how these songs hit me. Let's Start!
  1. 1.
    This song is all about a person who has been a Cure for his love. The message was good and was patterned with an up beat. As we all know, Lady Gaga had been influential by using sexual, literal, and some obscene themes. But this one changed my perception about her. ;)
  2. 2.
    This is one of those emotional songs you can hear; Sadness, Jealousy, and Pain are on each lyrics of the song. Trying to be happy for your love with a new lover is never an easy task.. wow. Demi has great vocals, too. ;)
  3. 3.
    Wow. I don't know what to say. Ed Sheeran's songs will definitely make you fall in love again. Brilliant!
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I admit I am ugly. But I am contented on what I look like; negativity will just ruin me if I think of my looks too much, right? HOW DID I DO THAT?
    Our society, on the darker side, has been too judgemental when it comes to one's looks. Criticisms? Bad comments? Prejudices? Don't care about that! Remember the first rule, be optimistic. Chin up, and walk straight without hesitations!
    Think of this: Yeah you're ugly. But that does not mean your thought should be ugly too. You should encourage yourself to do whatever you love and avoid looking at your flaws.
  3. Be YOU.
    I think this is the most important thing. You're ugly? That's okay. Just act the way you should be; act to express and not to impress.
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Ariana Grande had been an influential pop artist and according to some, she is a version of Mariah Carey. Why did I become a fan?
  1. She hits high notes FFORTLESSLY.
    Hitting high notes is one of the hardest thing to do when singing. It requires big air capacity and a head tone technique. Ariana can do that stuff without killing and stressing her voice out.
  2. She is an EPITOME OF BEAUTY
    Ariana is beautiful inside and out. There's an incident when she is singing on her concert; someone throw a phone at her and instead of getting mad, she gave the phone back to its owner. Rare characteristic!
  3. She is doing HISTORY
    She sold millions of Albums and now one of the successful artists in the singing industry.
  4. She's an INSPIRATION
    Ariana's talent and kindness is an inspiration for those aspiring singers out there! She's just AMAZING..
Although being sad is also a feeling and we can't avoid that, We should be experiencing more happy thoughts than the sad ones. And I'm always on the HAPPIER side because..
  1. I hate the feeling of Sadness.
    It kills me like Depression.. Everytime that I'm alone, sadness makes me feel unworthy.
  2. I feel like dying.
    I don't know but being sad is DYING DEEP INSIDE. If you know what I mean.
  3. I might be attacked by my heart illness.
    Yes.. This illness makes me feel weak every single day. Nervous breakdown.
  4. I'm Gay.
    I'm gay and from the word itself, 'sadness' don't literally have a room within me. 😍
Random thoughts popping up, wishing at 11:11.
  1. Pass my Course
    Bachelor of Secondary Education.
  2. Become a Teacher.
    Teach.. I love to teach!
  3. Become Successful
    Nah.. It's everyone's dream though
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This were the cutest pics of me. now, if you're not satisfied. maybe I'm not cute enough. (hays)
  1. 1.
    Pic withy Brother.
    I'm the taller one. Hhahha
  2. 2.
    At school.
    Srsly, I dunno if this is cute or what.
  3. 3.
    This ain't cute.. Nah!
this will tell you my feelings about Jasper and how he became my "One True Love". Sounds Weird? 😊
  1. He's Smart.
    What I love about him is that he is really smart. He solves Math problems well, and he is also a Journalist.
  2. He's Funny.
    Every joke he has.. For me, it's funny.
  3. He can make me fall inlove in like.. 6 seconds.
    His looks.. His aura.. His everything makes me weak.
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