this will tell you my feelings about Jasper and how he became my "One True Love". Sounds Weird? 😊
  1. He's Smart.
    What I love about him is that he is really smart. He solves Math problems well, and he is also a Journalist.
  2. He's Funny.
    Every joke he has.. For me, it's funny.
  3. He can make me fall inlove in like.. 6 seconds.
    His looks.. His aura.. His everything makes me weak.
  4. I am a fan of Him.
    I am his no. 1 fan. If he will become an artist, I'll probably build a fandom. RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT! 😋
  5. I love him so much
    Eventhough he's always breaking my heart, he never failed to make me smile.. EVERYDAY. EVERY SINGLE DAY. ❤