1. 18: a friend had to go to the hospital duebto excessive drinking. I was hungover fornthe first time in my life for two straight days and had a test in french
  2. 22: i went swimming in töölönlahti with some now estranged friends and cut my foot on glass. Had to get a tetanus shot
  3. 19: had a pregnancy scare and got surprised by friends and celebrated my "second 18th bday" in sweatpants
  4. 23: went to a cottage with three friends to pick blueberries and swim and sauna forna weekend
  5. 24: was sick at work
  6. 25: had dinner with friends and lunch with colleagues
  7. 26: a picnic with excessive amounts of wine and a helluva hangover the next day
  8. 27: dinner with friends and drinks
  9. 4: had a birthday cake made of ice cream in the shape of a train
  10. 13: got my first mobile phone and it was hidden under my pillow when i was woken up by the fam